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Why the global e-learning market is one of the fastest growing

Worth an estimated $165 billion at the end of 2016, the e-learning market is predicted to grow by a huge 7.2% year on year to reach approximately $325 billion by 2025. E-learning is on the rise across territories that have been slow to take up new technologies, including the Middle East.
There are many reasons why e-learning is taking off at such a pace, including budget cuts forcing classroom teaching to cheaper online methods, the amount of readily available technology, and the rise in demand for flexible learning. All of these are forcing the industry to expand, driving new ‘game-changing’ hybrids with simulation and gamification, such as our own Simulcation Datacenter.
Where’s the demand?
There’s a growing need for in-depth technical training for specific job roles that used to be fulfilled through dry and costly classroom courses. According to the Brandon Hall Group, more than 40% of professional education is job-specific, with the top three content subjects covering management, ind…

Gamification – so what?

Gamification – applying the mechanics behind gaming to achieve behavioral goals – is everywhere at the moment. From boosting upselling in fast food restaurants to encouraging faster recovery amongst stroke patients, its appeal seems almost endless. In Gartner’s Gamification 2020 report, they predict that at least a quarter of everyday business processes incorporate elements of gamification by now. That number rises to 50% for organizations who use formal innovation management processes.
As emerging leaders in the field of game-based learning for IT professionals, the Simulcation team have been working with gamification techniques for some time. We believe it can transform education, empowering more confident, resilient professionals in a variety of roles. Let’s lift the lid on the theory behind the technology…
What is gamification?
Gaming remains as popular as ever – and it’s not just for teenagers. The average game player today is 37 years old, with 42% women. Gamification takes the key…

Mission (im)Possible

Already a preview user and looking for new ways to get more from your gameplay? Or interested in what’s to come in Simulcation Datacenter? This blog is for you. I’d like to give you a sneak peek at a feature we’re working on: missions.
In a gaming context, missions drive users to achieve specific goals by overcoming a set challenge. To give you a taste, here are three possible missions ‘should you choose to accept them’ for Simulcation Datacenter, which get progressively harder:
Mission 1
You’ve inherited a small, single company datacenter, equipped solely with IBM products. The gauges start to fall as performance fails – do you have what it takes to find and rectify the issue? You’ll need to quickly secure your systems: the faster you act, the more money you’ll retain. Get the mix of products and services right, generate the most income, and you could see yourself top the mission leaderboard.
Mission 2
You take over a multivendor mid-sized datacenter, equipped with leading architecture fr…