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Where your content marketing strategy might be falling down

Content marketing involves connecting with buyers through unique, consistent and genuinely useful content. It taps into the idea that buyers no longer follow a linear journey to purchase and instead value an engaging, relationship-based approach. Marketers regularly debate the value of content marketing but there’s no doubting its popularity. Found in 88% of B2B marketing strategies worldwide, it’s lauded for being efficient, effective and highly adaptable to almost any business and industry.
Some common mistakesA 2014 survey by Forrester found that more than half of B2B marketers rated their content marketing strategy as ‘very mature’, yet 87% also admitted that creating engaging content that connects with buyers is a significant challenge. This reveals a disconnect between the perceived potential of content marketing – and the reality. The same survey revealed three main mistakes marketers make – which may be why they value the techniques but undervalue the results of content marketi…

3 spectacular examples of gamification done right

Nearly a decade on from gamification’s rise to prominence in commercial strategies the world over and there’s still some confusion over how to implement it well. Applied everywhere from healthcare and education to marketing and technology design, it refers to techniques translated from the world of gaming to leverage human behavior commercially or socially.
Gamification builds on the science that says we are motivated by things like completing challenges or clocking up points as markers of progress through a task. With Simulcation Datacenter, we’re using game-based learning and simulation to create an immersive, engaging environment where technology providers, students and customers can connect. Gamification technology may be short in the tooth but there are some notable examples of best practice – let’s look at three.
Amidst growing competition from other sports shoe brands, Nike developed a range of activity tracking apps where users can monitor their progress and compete again…