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How true to life is Simulcation Datacenter?

When it comes to making decisions about hardware and services, you need as much information as possible to hand. However, with the amount of choice on offer, where do you turn?

Simulations allow us to deal with virtual versions of real life scenarios, empowering the user to rehearse and innovate through practice. I’m proud to steer the creative direction of a very diverse team that brings together professionals from the worlds of gaming, IT, professional education and simulation. What’s more, it draws on our experience with popular simulation titles (such as Sim City and The Sims to create an environment that will keep users coming back for more. Through Simulcation Datacenter, users can challenge their skills, learn about new technological developments, and experience the competitive thrill of expanding their virtual market share.

Translating reality into simulation
Underpinning all of this is a host of data about the variables at play when constructing and optimizing datacenters. Si…

What pilots, surgeons and datacenter managers now have in common

Pilots and surgeons are responsible for the lives of those in their care. While that may not be quite as true for datacenter managers, they are the masters of balancing competing demands.

On the one hand, they need to constantly improve efficiency and productivity, while at the same time keeping costs low and well-trained staff retained. That’s all in the context of an increasingly mobile end user, who wants more data and more availability. Then there’s maintenance, support and reducing the risk of failures and downtime. Given the huge financial, operational and reputational risks datacenter managers deal with every day, it should come as no surprise that a training simulation has been developed.

Handling risk and complexity
With the huge number of variables, making clear, well-founded decisions is one of the greatest challenges facing any datacenter manager. In the same way that a pilot or surgeon must make precise movements, datacenter managers must weigh up all the demands and make …

From Sim City to Switzerland: Meet the team behind the technology

Wondering why some elements of Simulcation Datacenter look familiar? That’s probably because some of us – the team behind the technology – have worked on some of the most popular simulation gaming titles.

Devised in partnership with IBM, Simulcation Datacenter was started by my husband and I, with the original aim of bringing IBM TSS education programs to life through simulations that showed products in action. We now lead a team of experts drawn from the gaming, simulation, education and IT industries.
A bit about me: I’m Simulcation’s CEO and an entrepreneur. I’ve managed the development of several popular games, e-learning systems and applications. I’ve had the pleasure of leading multiple teams and clients, and specialize in bringing new, disruptive technologies to market. Simulcation Datacenter, as the first tool of its kind, is no different.
Duncan is Simulcation’s COO – the culmination of more than 20 years at the creative helm of a broad range of entertainment, business and co…