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IBM using Simulcation as part of their TSS Academy

IBM has now fully integrated Simulcation Datacenter into their Technical Support Services Academy, training Europe’s IBMers and Business Partners by immersing them in a unique simulated environment.

It’s unlike anything else they’ve used before. We’re proud to provide a bespoke version of our Simulcation Datacenter edition to IBM, transforming the way they educate staff and Business Partner alike as part of their refreshed TSS Academy.

Simulation meets gamification

Simulcation makes education relevant, engaging and challenging by combining simulated challenges datacenter managers and CIOs face daily, as well as gamification elements to incentivize learning and collaboration. Users must discover their own strategies and solutions, finding the right balance of hardware, software and services as well as battling downtime, cyberattacks and product failures. The result is a well-rounded, fully immersive educational environment where users leave with a thorough knowledge of real-world products and services, and want to return to again and again.

Putting the theory into practice 

Working in partnership with IBM TSS, we have created a series of custom missions where users can experiment with IBM-specific products and services. It’s ideal for users at all levels – from new IBM staff who need to understand the basics without ever setting foot in a datacenter, to Business Partners and sales staff looking to test the potential of products and services in combination. Above all, it’s a fun experience. As research is increasingly showing, feeling engaged and encouraged is essential  for learning well.

We believe simulated, gamified learning environments hold the key to transforming education across multiple sectors and age groups. IBM is an ideal client – proving the power of their products and services to staff and Business Partners alike.

‘Simulcation is an ideal tool for us to convey the characteristics of our products and services in an innovative way,’ writes Beat Erb, IBM Global TSS BP Channels Sales Leader. ‘It’s opened the door to a new way of educating IBMers and Business Partners in a way that we know they’ll enjoy – while gaining a thorough understanding of IBM products. Helping us to achieve our educational aims, we’re proud to use Simulcation’s cutting edge technology.’

Taking learning to the next level

IBM are just one of the partners leveraging our technology to fulfill their educational aims. Simulcation can now be integrated into existing training systems and learning environments, helping to consolidate the theory into practice – or as an educational tool all by itself.

We’re welcoming enquiries from other businesses – anyone who believes that there must be a better way to educate the technology leaders of the future. We work with corporate brands like IBM and Tech Data Germany as well as educational institutions looking to transform how they teach the inner workings of a live datacenter. Contact us now to find out more about Simulcation Education Modules.


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